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I recently read several reviews of Fasting through the Power of Fasting site, so I purchased the book and I have the PDF link here. This book has been written by Paul Scicluna who is an international best selling author so it's not a book that has been created in 5 minutes like some Amazon books are. Fasting happens to be (since ancient times) the ultimate way to detox your life, leading to improved health and clarity. I'd highly recommend reading this book since you are receiving thousands of dollars worth of knowledge that has been well researched, featuring critical and factual information. If you're serious about fat loss and achieving your health/fitness goals, then this truly is the ultimate free download book to get.

Paul's website:

Free download

Here's a photo of this book: Image
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This is such a great book! Thanks for sharing. Whilst your download link didn't work, I did actually purchase a copy and have thoroughly enjoyed it!
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