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Hello everyone,

I'm aware that some of you members have used this program. I really think the author has created an awesome resource for both athletes to read and coaches to take advice from. Too often there's a gap between theory and practical components of a book, and this book seems to be a great cross-over.

I really think that the Speed Encyclopedia is the most complete speed workout available, and it's here as a free download. Grab this ZIP file whilst you can, because I'm not sure how long I intend to have this program on my server for.

Vendor website:

Free download link:

*ZIP file includes the main guide workout, warm-up manual, speed report and entire video library.
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thanks dude, just downloaded the ZIP file and looking forward to understanding this program a lot better. Thanks for keeping it up on your server for this long, it's very appreciated.
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thanks for the link, I actually went a purchased it through the vendor website to reward the creator.
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