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Hello everyone,

I thought I would begin this category with the benefits of going vegetarian. For a start, us vegetarians are much more alkaline than our meat eating counterparts. We have a lot more energy and don't suffer the same digestion problems. We care for our animals, and see them as friends and not food...thus our mental state is much more relaxed, coming from a place of love. Our food bill is significantly less, and so is our cooking time. We don't have to worry about catching food-born diseases, and can even eat our food raw if we want to.

What other benefits have you discovered since beginning your path of vegetarianism?
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When I order a vegetarian meal at a restaurant, my food gets delivered quicker. That has to be the biggest benefit! :D
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my food is cheaper, in fact i can grow most of it in the backyard. Honestly, i pay about $50/week for my food bill, the rest i harvest from my own garden. It's soooo awesome! i used to be a heavy meat eater and since making the change, my life has been incredible! highly recommended :) could never go back lol
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