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Hello everyone, if you're suffering from debilitating neck pain, then wouldn't it make sense to fix the cause of the problem and not just mask the symptoms? Through the Sitting Solution, you'll get a free download that will allow you to identify the root causes that contribute to your neck pain. You'll also use the Paleo Secret to learn the necessary stretches that can be performed at anytime, at any location. I've done them myself in business class seat on Cathay Pacific airlines lol. If you really want to reclaim your posture, stand true and rid yourself of neck pain, then you've got to get yourself the primal guide to alleviating modern neck pain right now!

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thanks for sharing, i thoroughly enjoyed this paleo book.
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i couldn't get access....does anyone else have the same problem??...
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I actually bought a copy. Definitely recommended.... 5 stars!
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I couldn't access either but just like Gordon I actually purchased a copy. Very glad that I did because this happens to be the most in-depth Paleo resource that I have found anywhere!
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This is easily my favorite Paleo book
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